Advice on Internet Safety

Use Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software Put up your guard against viruses, adware or even thieves who want to steal your identity with scams such as phishing. Phishing is a crime in which people attempt to attain your personal information through Internet versions of confidence tricks, such as masquerading as trustworthy entities. To defend yourself from […]

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XBox 360 VGA Cable Vs. Component

XBox 360 VGA Cable Vs. Component. There are several ways in which an Xbox 360 can connect to a television. Two of the major ways are through the use of a VGA cable and component cables. Determining which signal is the best signal will vary depending on your situation. VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. […]

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Testing a Voltage Regulator on a Circuit Board


Testing a Voltage Regulator on a Circuit Board. Circuit boards in power supplies often have voltage regulators in order to maintain a steady voltage level. There can be other circuit boards that are not in power supplies that have voltage regulators, and these are typically used when there are other voltage sensitive components on the […]

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Sony Walkman MP3 Player Vs iPod Shuffle


Sony Walkman MP3 Player Vs iPod Shuffle. Sony Walkman and Apple’s iPod are both iconic names in the world of portable music. The first Walkmans were small high-fidelity cassette recorders, and while Apple did not invent the MP3 player, they did pioneer the sleek and tiny models that have come to dominate the marketplace, and […]

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How Do Digital MP3 Players Work?

How Do Digital MP3 Players Work?. Digital MP3 players have changed the way people listen to music, giving them the ability to collect, store and play hours of songs and albums without having to carry around a stack of CDs, cassettes or records. The portable players, whether they be Apple’s iPod, Microsoft’s Zune or another […]

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High School Musical Games to Play on the Computer

High School Musical Games to Play on the Computer. When children are not watching on of the three “High School Musical” movies, playing with the figures or singing the songs, they can enjoy a collection of games on the computer. The games available include a variety of activities including role play, trivia, coloring and more. […]

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CD Burner Vs. DVD Burner

dvd drive

CD Burner Vs. DVD Burner. Professional media companies are no longer the only ones who can distribute content on compact discs (CDs) and digital video discs (DVDs). The increasing popularity of disc-burning technology allows the average person to author CDs and DVDs from a home computer. While CD and DVD burners are both useful devices […]

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Cat5e Vs. Cat6 Cable

yellow ethernet cable on dotted background

Cat5e Vs. Cat6 Cable. With all the different types of Ethernet cables available, it can be difficult to decide which cable to purchase. Category 5e and category 6 are tailored for everyday networking requirements, but differences between the two make one type more appealing than the other, depending on your needs. To the naked eye […]

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Call of Duty 4 PC Requirements

Call of Duty 4 PC Requirements. Call of Duty 4 is a first-person shooting game set in the near future in war-torn countries. With its realistic graphics, high-quality sounds and intense game play, this game can burden and overstretch a computer’s resources. Before purchasing Call of Duty 4, ensure that your computer meets the hardware […]

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Building Your Own Home Theater System

Building Your Own Home Theater System. A home theater system consists of three basic elements: the screen, the speaker system and the delivery components such as the DVD player, Blu-Ray player and DVR. Assembling them isn’t difficult. The trick is to choose the components that work best for your particular space. When building a home […]

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